Here's what some of my pupils have said about me over the years


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  • Billy Bailey (Wednesday, November 28 18 09:20 am GMT)

    Pete what can I say mate your a legend you took the boy racer out of me and taught me so well. Passed my test with flying colours. What a guy and highly recommend to anyone

  • Chrissy (Tuesday, April 03 18 12:35 pm BST)

    Pete was a brilliant instructor and was very patient with me and my anxiety. I appreciate the hard work he has put into me passing first time I am very greatful. Thank you again Pete!!

  • Georgia (Thursday, November 09 17 06:09 pm GMT)

    Pete is an absolutely fantastic instructor and I don't think I could have passed my test without him and his help. I am nervous when it comes to exams but Pete gave me all the confidence I needed to pass.
    Not only is Pete knowledgeable and competent, he is an absolute pleasure to be around and is very calming and confidence building.
    Nearly a month after passing my test, I have a car and I am driving around happily and it has opened up so much for me.
    Thank you so much again Pete for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you!

  • Harry (Saturday, April 29 17 12:20 pm BST)

    very good teacher that helped me pass 1st time with very few mistakes. Also just great advice about driving in the future.

  • Jimmy hearne (Monday, November 14 16 11:34 am GMT)

    I cannot be more thankful to Pete for his help and guidance during his time teaching me. I passed first time and it was a really enjoyable experience. His local knowledge and tips/guidance where a real help. I cannot recommend him highly enough and wish him the very best for the future! Thanks Pete

  • Maddy (Thursday, October 13 16 03:19 pm BST)

    Thanks for the great help I passed with only 2 minors after a short period of lessons!

  • Alan (Thursday, September 08 16 08:08 pm BST)

    I have just passed my test and this is down to the guidance and knowledge of Pete from Happy Driving.
    I did my test in Chertsey. On my lessons leading up to the test Pete provided me with local knowledge to ensure I was familiar with the roads and hotspots in the area. This gave me the confidence I
    needed to ensure I passed.
    Huge thanks to Pete for all the lessons and advice.

  • Andre (Wednesday, May 25 16 08:51 pm BST)

    Pete is great. Very patient, helpful and knowledgeable. I did my test in Chertsey and he knew all the hotspots in the area. Would highly recommend him. Thank you once again for the lessons!

  • Jake (Sunday, February 07 16 08:49 pm GMT)

    Fantastic instructor who was patient and helped me pass first time. Would definitely recommend you to anyone that is looking to do lessons.

  • Maureen (Tuesday, December 22 15 12:12 pm GMT)

    Pete is a fantastic instructor. He is able to teach in a relaxed and patient manner. I enjoyed every lesson. I passed my driving test first time. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a
    tutor. Thank you Pete.

  • Yasmina (Monday, October 26 15 10:27 am GMT)

    Absolute fantastic instructor! each lesson was challenging at times but left me feeling like ok I have learned something new today . Pete took the time to push me to my optimum ability, brush off
    those bad habits, motivate me and uplifting my confidence where I lacked.
    Prior to working with Pete, I took one to many lessons with my previous instructor. I had no confidence behind the wheel and felt that my driving was not improving.
    Thanks to Pete, I gained a valuable skill and managed to pass my driving test 1st time with 4 minors.
    If you are looking for a reliable and great driving instructor, look no further, Pete is the man.

    Thanks Pete :)

  • Harriet Lohn (Wednesday, August 12 15 08:35 am BST)

    Tried loads of Different instructors to learn to drive had nearly given up-Pete was the only one who understood why as a nervous driver and I passed my test the first time!

  • Damian (Thursday, July 02 15 01:57 pm BST)

    Fantastic instructor. Pass on the first time:). Thanks so much:)

  • Lewis (Friday, June 12 15 09:21 pm BST)

    Great instructor, lessons were always challenging and Pete aims for perfection. Consequently when you get to your test you feel fully prepared and ready for anything. Really patient and great to
    learn from. Lessons are always at your own pace. I would recommend him to anyone. If you want to pass first time then look no further then here. First time pass!

  • Nikki (Tuesday, June 02 15 05:52 pm BST)

    I have been learning with Pete for the past 8 months now and have had an average of 24 hours on the road. After having my last driving instructor bail on me 10 years ago I lost confidence and saw
    driving as beyond me.
    With Pete I felt relaxed and confident; he boosted me a lot which made me feel as though driving was finally possible! I am pleased he had endless amounts of patience.

    I passed my driving test last Friday, which was the most amazing feeling. I had Pete sit in on the test with me because of my nerves... and I am pleased he did as I feel having him there really

    My 17 year old Son has already started lessons with him as I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to teach him!

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

  • Ryan (Monday, March 02 15 04:07 pm GMT)

    Great instructor, was very patient with all my bad habits. Thanks Pete!

  • Pawel (Wednesday, December 24 14 11:56 am GMT)

    passed 1first time with one minor :) thanks pete :)

  • Reece Wade (Monday, December 08 14 12:57 pm GMT)

    Thank you peter, your such a respectable person and have helped me to pass my test first time. I couldn't of done it without you, good luck in the future and I will be recommending you to everyone,
    best instructor ever. Happy driving :)

  • Sherlock (Thursday, November 13 14 07:06 pm GMT)

    Pete's experience and style of teaching has made all the difference in preparing for my practical driving test. I would definitely recommend him to everyone, he's great at making you feel comfortable
    behind the wheel and aims for perfection which also helps a lot!

  • Karl (Wednesday, July 16 14 04:00 pm BST)

    Pete is brilliant! So easy to talk to and he explains everything so clearly that it's just impossible not to understand him. He teaches at a pace that suits you and gives you so many pointers along
    the way! Passed on my first practical with only 4 minors. 10/10. I'd recommend him without a shadow of a doubt.

  • Thandie (Tuesday, May 27 14 11:20 am BST)

    I had a very short to prepare for my driving lessons. But it was a fun experience and Pete was clear and easy to understand. First time pass with 4 minors.

  • Bethany (Friday, April 25 14 02:51 pm BST)

    When I first started driving I was a very nervous driver, but straight away Pete helped me with my confidence and got me driving in no time. I passed first time with only 3 minors. Pete was my only
    instructor, and I got along with him so well I'm also considering taking the pass plus. I would 100% recommend Pete to anyone looking for someone with great patients and motivation. He is a fantastic
    driving instructor!

Kasia - I passed first time with 2 minors. Pete is a very good instructor. I was very happy with his lessons. If i can pass first time then anyone can.


Navin - Having put off my test for a number of years i found happydriving to be a professional service with a great instructor, Zahid, that provided the expertise for me to pass first time round.


Tim - I started to learn to drive with Pete shortly after my 17th birthday. I was up and running in no time and took my test a few months later and passed without any minors. Huge credit to Pete who made it great fun and much less stressful then i had imagined.


Marina - My instructor is Zahid. From the very beginning he told me everyone learns at their own paceand i shouldn't compare myself to others. So that is my motto and i'm learning for life not just to pass the test. Zahid is very patientand has a great sense of humour which helps a lot during lessons. I enjoyevery lessonand am happy with every little thing i learn.


Charlie - Passed first time with Pete. Very patient and helpful. Couldn't have gone better.


Mathew - Well what can i say, Pete is a top man. When i first started i was nervous into even touching the car. Pete has the patience of saint when things get stressful he always turns it into a joke to relax the situation. I passed with only 5 minorsand now i'm aiming to do the pass plus course. Unlike any other instructorPete gves the right amount of motivation, even after failing 3 timeshe still stuck by me and kept me motivated to try again. Now the on the 4th time the unpossible becomes the possiblethanks to him. I would recommend him to anyone, he's the best instructor ever!!


Sue - When i first started my lessons with Pete i must have been one of the most nervous pupils there was but with his patience he was able to build my confidence and i was soon getting told to stop speeding! We managed to have a laugh and a joke but i was still learning which made feel so relaxed. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn. I passed first time with only 4 minors so he can't be that bad!!


Alexandra - Pete is the most patient instructor i know. I had a few lessons with another company and learnt nothing. I called Pete and booked a lesson I only had 11 lessons and now i'm driving around in my own little car!! Pete is the only person i would recommend if people want lessons. He's patient, helpful and always having a laugh. He made driving fun for me and not stressful i felt relaxed and comfy driving with him. I passed first time with 4 minors so it goes to show you how good he is. Thank you Pete!!


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