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Theory Test Pro in partnership with happydriving

Hi, I'm Pete and i am the qualified expert driving instructor at happydriving and i will provide you with both theory and practical training and show you all the correct procedures for driving in traffic from starting to drive to passing your test.


   Once you have your provisional licence you will need to pass your theory test. I have arranged have free access to theory test pro for all my pupils offering help from start to pass.

   Pass marks are 43 for the questions section and 44 for the hazard perception. 

   The examiner will ask you one question from the 'show me tell me' questions before you drive and one question while you are driving. This is to show that you can operate the cars other functions whilst driving.


   Your driving practical will last usually about 40 minutes and will include a variety of road types and situations, one manoeuver and 1 in 3 will also get an emegency stop. 4 out 5 tests will include 20 mins driving with a sat nav. The fifth will have instructions from the examiner. You are allowed 15 minor driving faults and no serious or dangerous faults


 At happydriving i will take you through each step so you are fully prepared and ready to pass


Harriet Lohn

"Tried loads of Different instructors to learn to drive had nearly given up-Pete was the only one who understood why as a nervous driver and I passed my test the first time!

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